Chih-chiang Hu 胡志強

National Chengchi University 國立政治大學


Buddhist Philosophy, Problem-Oriented Philosophy



2018.07  Ph.D. in Philosphy, National Chengchi University

Dissertation: Perception, Others, and Logic: A Philosophical Study on Dharmapāla's Cheng weishi baosheng lun

Supervisor: Chen-kuo Lin

Committee: Chien-hsing Ho, Ching Keng, Kai-Yuan Cheng, Polang Tsai


2021.08-Present  Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, National Chengchi University

2019.08-2021.07  Project Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Fu Jen Catholic University

2019.02-2019.07  Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, National Chengchi University

2018.08-2019.07  Postdoctoral Researcher, Center for Buddhist Philosophy, National Chengchi University


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2023  "Logic and Consciousness-only: Dharmapāla's Application of hetuvidyā in the Cheng weishi baosheng lun", Taiwan Journal of Buddhist Studies. (accepted) (THCI)(in Chinese)

2023  "On the Buddhist Logical Interpretations of the First Two Verses in Dignāga's Ālambanaparīkṣā-vṛtti: From Dharmapāla to the East Asian Buddhist Commentators", Bulletin of the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy. (accepted) (THCI)(in Chinese)

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