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【演講】Lay Bodhisattvas in late Indian Buddhism, and the ādikarmika literature dedicated to their practices

  • Date:May 31, 2017
  • Venue:百年樓227研討室
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佛哲室將邀請加州大學柏克萊分校Alexander von Rospatt教授前來演講,歡迎各位共襄盛舉。


While lay bodhisattvas play an important role in East Asian traditions, it is less well known that they also feature in the Indic tradition, and that there are a few closely related texts from the 12th century (which apparently originated in the milieu of Vikramaśīla) that treat the vows taken by lay bodhisattvas and their daily practices. These practices are identified as ādikarmika, that is, introductory or foundational (ādi). Befitting the developmental stage of late Indian Buddhism, they presume a tantric framework, albeit without engaging with the initiatory practices of the higher tantras. This talks introduces to the little studied ādikarmika literature and gives an overview of the vows and practices they prescribe, including the gurumaṇḍala. It also discusses what these texts can teach us about the state of Indian Buddhism in its final phase.


Alexander von Rospatt為加州大學柏克萊分校南亞與東南亞學系(Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies, UC Berkeley)之專任教授,並擔任佛教研究中心主任。von Rospatt教授早期致力於阿毘達磨研究,並於1999年出版其專著《佛教剎那滅學說》(The Buddhist Doctrine of Momentariness)。在該著作中,von Rospatt教授詳細地探討剎那滅學說的起源、剎那滅論證、關於心法的剎那滅(the momentariness of mental entities)學說發展等議題。
近十年來,von Rospatt教授關注內瓦爾佛教(Newar Buddhism)。數年間多次遠赴尼泊爾對內瓦爾佛教儀式進行田野調查。在其即將出版之新書《加德滿都的斯瓦揚布紀念塔與其翻修工程》(The Svayambhū Caitya of Kathmandu and its Renovations)中,von Rospatt教授重建了斯瓦揚布翻修工程的宗教儀式歷史以及社會背景脈絡。
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